Flip Flo Chtheter Valve

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A flip flo catheter valve is a tap-like gadget that fits successfully into the end of the suprapubic or urethral catheter, which lets urine be held in the bladder and later be drained or emptied into the toilet. The valve can be turned on to discontinue the drainage, or off to empty urine from the bladder hence allowing the bladder to function as normal as possible. This valve thus offers the patient an alternative to employing urinary drainage bags.

Flip-Flo can also minimize the risk of infection and any kind of contamination as well as blockage of the catheter by facilitating intermittent flushing of urine. More so, if you wish to have your catheter detached in the long-run, then a flip-flo valve can make this even more practical as your bladder functions are almost certain to be maintained.

Product features and benefits

  • Empty bladder at own convenience
  • Help retain bladder tone and capacity
  • Minimize the risk of infection
  • Easy to open lever tap



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