Catheter Releen 20 Fg Female

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Reelen is a unique Foley catheter that features an integrated balloon; hence facilitating easier insertion and withdrawal with minimized probability of ridging. Catheter Releen 20FG female is ideal for both suprapubic and urethral use for up to twelve weeks. The short tip on this catheter ensures that there is utmost gentleness to the bladder mucosa.

The short distance between the eyelets and balloon guarantees that there is negligible residue urine left in the bladder and hence minimal risk of irritation and infection. Moreover, this catheter is smooth and flexible for pain-free insertion and increased patient comfort. In other words, this catheter is perfectly suited for female anatomy.

Product features and benefits

  • Integrated balloon which eases the insertion and withdraws process with a minimized chances of ridging 
  • Smooth eyelets and bullet-shaped tip for increased comfort during insertion and withdrawal
  • Wide lumen allows free flow of urines
  • Radiopaque line for uncomplicated x-ray viewing
  • Can be used in MRI procedures
  • 100% silicone that curtails the risk of latex allergy
  • Appropriate for female anatomy



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