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Mattress protectors are among the handiest accessories you should have in your bedroom. Basically, mattress protectors are removable beddings, which are placed on mattresses for purposes of providing protection. There are countless ways a mattress can get soiled, and while it is easy to wash the sheets, it’s a bit tricky to clean the mattress.

This mattress protector is a useful addition which provides protection for your mattress, effectively acting as a protective cordon against dust and liquids. It is waterproof, yet breathable, an elemental quality for comfortable, healthy sleep. This breathable backing also minimizes the risk of getting skin irritations and allergies.

To ensure that your mattress is wholly secured and covered, this mattress protector has a toggle that can be pulled on each corner for a snug fit.

Product features and benefits

  • Protects against dust and stains such as sweat, bodily fluids, spills
  • Waterproof , yet breathable allowing a good night’s sleep
  • Toggles fitted in every corner of the protector for easy placement and removal
  • Mattress is wholly secured and enclosed for maximum protection just like a fitted sheet
  • PVC free
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Reusable countless times 

- Single

- King Single

- Double

- Queen

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