floor and chair pad 54cm x 87cm

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Most flooring manufacturers will cancel their warranties unless you use floor or chair pads. That is because without pads or mats, rolling office chairs, dent the floor surfaces. With this floor and chair pad, you can protect your flooring from scuffs, indentations, and other marks. Sturdy and durable, this pad is designed to withstand heavy use.

The pad also makes it simple to move within your workstation – its takes less effort to roll your office chair on a pad than on carpet. And obviously, rolling your chair on the carpet (in absence of the pad) repeatedly can cause leg strain and back pain, hence another good reason why you should acquire one.

Product features and benefits  

  • Minimizes carpet and floor wear caused by chair casters
  • Incredibly tough – will nor curl, crack, discolour or smell
  • Evenly aligned edges make it easy for the user to move the chair
  • Slip resistant for improved durability and resistance to pad movement
  • Easy to clean
  • Size 54CM X 87CM


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