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Bed pads are covers of ultra-absorbent fabric meant to lie atop beddings or mattresses. Their main purpose is to manage continence-related leakage, and the protection they provide ensures that your mattress remains sanitary.

This bed pad is ultra soft, durable and contains a mixture of layers to enhance protection. Most notably, the highly absorbent soaker layer facilitates efficient fluid containment with a 2500 ml absorbency capacity. Moreover, the user should not be concerned by the wetness (in the case of urinary incontinence) rising back to the surface, since there is a polyester layer included to avert this.  

Non-slip bottom layer keeps the bed pad flat and in position. For economical and environmental-friendly gains, the pad is washable and reusable over and over again. You will at all times feel secure, dry and comfortable with the ultra dry bed pad 2500ML.

Product features

  • Protects sheets and mattress from being damaged by moisture
  • A number of layers for extra protection
  • Super absorbent – absorbs 2500Ml of fluid
  • Washable and reusable
  • Waterproof
  • Non-slip bottom layer to keep it in position
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