HypaFix Tape

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The Hypafix tape is a dressing retention sheet that can be used for wound dressings and fixation of instruments or ointments.

The Hypafix tape is made from a polyurethane film that is coated with a polyacrylate adhesive, to ensure both a waterproof and skin friendly product.


  • Can be stretched for greater comfort and freedom of movement
  • Protects from bacteria and reduces infections and risk of contamination
  • Can be quickly and painlessly removed without leaving any adhesive residue
  • Long term high adhesion
  • Let’s the skin breathe by permitting air and moisture vapor

Sizes available:

125332 - 10cm x 10m

124578 - 10cm x 1m

124576 - 2.5cm x 1 mtr

125333 - 2.5cm x 10m

124577 - 5cm x 1 mtr

125331 - 5cm x 10m

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