Looking for top quality sunscreen protection in the dire weather conditions of Australia? You can trust us since First Aid Distributions is an Australia medical supplier specialized in first aid, prevention, and therapeutical solutions for professional and domestic use. We have on sale a range of sunscreen solutions, sunblock creams, as well as mountable wall brackets designed for them.

Facts About Sunscreens

When you use sunscreen solutions, sunblock creams, you are reflecting and absorbing ultraviolet rays, while also keeping the skin deeply moistured, providing a soft feel and a bright appearance. However, not any sunscreen possesses the sun protection factor (SPF) you may need.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen solutions – sunblock creams that block UVA/UVB radiation – are the best choice for avoiding not only sunburn but also preventing melanoma and skin cancer.


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What Are Your Skin Protection Needs?

It matters whether you are working in an environment with intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation – and this is where we recommend using a mountable wall bracket to keep your sunblock cream in proper conditions –, or you are planning to go to the beach for a smaller and larger number of hours.
Taking all this into consideration, and also maybe the constraints of your budget, you may opt for a stronger or weaker sunblock cream. Fortunately, we hold in our online store a sizable number of sunscreen solutions that provide high sunscreen protection.

Sunscreen Features

First Aid Distributions has on sale a range of single-use and multiple-use sunblock creams and gels, as well as mountable wall brackets for your sunscreen.

These specialized sunscreen solutions provide natural ingredients, water-resistant silicone oil, dry-touch or moisturizing formulas, fragrance-free as well as non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky feel, low-irritant action. They help you keep your skin vigorous, leaving no residues.

Our range of sunscreen solutions also includes professional, dermatologically tested sunblock creams that are free of nanoparticles. But no matter if light and affordable or designed for extensive professional use, our sunscreen solutions bring a SPF of 50, as well as protect you against both UVA and UVB radiation (broad-spectrum sunscreen type).

Say Goodbye to Sun Sensitivity

Considering your budget and your skin protection needs, feel free to purchase from us top-quality sunscreen solutions and, in specific contexts (such as in industrial workplaces), mountable wall brackets designed for them.

If you are in Australia, First Aid Distributions provides you door to door service, flat-rate freight policy of $5.50, and no charge if your orders exceed $300. Please contact our support team in case of further feedback and inquiries.