Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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White,Beige / Flesh
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First Aid Distributions

Straptor Elastic Adhesive Bandage has always been a staple of any trainers kit, strong, durable and ideal for football and netball strapping. The combination of flexibility & strength is what makes EAB the tape of choice for many sports trainers. Straptor Elastic Adhesive Bandage matches the retail branded tapes qualities such as strength, adhesion, quality finish except ONE. We only charge half as much as the retail branded EAB, don't get tricked into paying twice as much for a name. Buy Straptor EAB direct from the wholesaler and save big dollars. 

Elastic Adhesive Bandage - Provides compression and support for joints and muscles to help minimise swelling.

Key Features:

  • Strong elastic support 
  • Conforms easily to joint contours
  • Non-fraying feathered edge
  • Central line for easy alignment
  • Support or compression can be adjusted during application


White with midline
Flesh with midline


50mm x 4.5m   code: 124185
50mm x 4.5m (24 rolls per box) code: 126211

75mm x 4.5m  code: 124186

75mm x 4.5m (16 rolls per box) code: 126212

Flesh / Beige
50mm x 4.5m  code: 124187
50mm x 4.5m (24 rolls per box)   code: 126213
75mm x 4.5m  code: 124188
75mm x 4.5m (16 rolls per box)  code: 126214
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