Shotz Energy Gel Sachet 45g

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Energy gels are nutritional gels which provide energy for workout and promote recovery. They are normally used in endurance exercises such as cycling, triathlons and running. Shotz energy gel 45G is a portable and great tasting gel that fuels up your brain and muscles in order for them to perform optimally during your active adventures. It has a smooth, consistent feel, is easy to drink, and is mild on your gut, even during intense exercises. 

Only the latest technology in nutrition science has been used to prepare Shotz energy gel 45G to ensure that it is low in sugars, contains high proportions of carbohydrate and has no proteins or fats. This scientific formulation can be absorbed into the bloodstream at high speeds to give your brain and active muscles a rightly measured dose of energy.

Product features and benefits

  • Ideal particularly for high-intensity and endurance exercises
  • Liquid/gel consistency, no glug for rapid absorption
  •  No fat or protein
  • Consume some minutes before and after training or competing
  • Natural flavours – Tastes great and don’t leave a bad after taste 
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