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Compeed® Hydrocolloid Blister Patch is designed to form protective cushion and absorb moisture. It provides best healing conditions and immediate pain relief for common foot blisters. Combined with hydrocolloid active gel, these blister patches contain moisture absorbing elements.


In addition to supporting moisture balance, Compeed® Hydrocolloid Blister Patch works as second skin.


  • Highly absorptive
  • Cushions & protects against rubbing
  • Relieves blister pain instantly
  • Provides instant wound healing
  • Repels bacteria, dirt & water
  • Instant pressure & pain relief
  • Stays on blister for many days

Compeed® Hydrocolloid Blister Patch is ideally designed for minor blisters. 

Medium code: 124245

Assorted code: 124246

Toes: 125321

Small: 125322

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