Interested in purchasing padding & underwear, among other sport strapping supplies? First Aid Distributions is the Australian medical supplier you need. We have a considerable range of sport strapping supplies, padding & underwear – or, more precisely, blister patches, leukofoam padding – and a variety of other first aid supplies and medical equipment that you will find it useful in case of sports injury.

Padding & Underwrap

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Prevention, Protection And Pain Relief

Using padding & underwear, in addition to other sport strapping supplies, such as tape and bandage, ensure better conditions for contact sports, for instance. These are solutions when it comes to feet, shoulders, or ribs that suffered a sports injury. This is why we have in our online store blister patches, leukofoam padding, and other first aid supplies.

Padding & Underwear – What You Need to Know

Not quite sure for what to use padding & underwear? Here is a brief breakdown of their characteristics.

  • Blister patches are moisture absorbing, forming a kind of protective cushion. They are used to relieve pressure and pain from ordinary foot blisters, as well as provide wound healing and repel bacteria, dirt, or water.
  • Leukofoam padding, used along with tape and bandage, adds protection, prevents blisters or protects from any further irritation existing injured or bruised areas, such as shoulders or ribs.

Do not forget, our experienced sales team can also provide you customer support if you have further inquiries and feedback on our sport strapping supplies and other medical equipment.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Sports Team

Get your players ready for any emergency and potential sports injury. The right way to do this is to assess the risks, anticipate possible accidents and the medical needs they will presuppose, so that those functions are covered by the adequate choices of blister patches or leukofoam padding, alongside other medical supplies.
Another issue to keep in mind is that of making sure that your first aid and sport strapping supplies are always fully stocked ahead of the game. Check regularly if your first aid kits and other medical equipment are running low on stock. You can do this by using Kitcheck, our app, which automatically checks and reorders stock for your first aid kits.

Browse our range of supplies and equipment

In addition to padding & underwear, we also have other sport strapping supplies, first aid kits and supplies that you might want to consider buying, depending on what kinds of sports injuries and emergencies there may be in your sports team.

First Aid Distributions is an Australian-based top quality medical supplier that covers the entire country with door to door service, freight policy of $5.50 (flat-rate) or no charge (in case your order exceeds $300).