Ice Cool Spray 200ml

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Instant Ice Cool Spray is formulated to provide efficient and quick relief from pain. It also helps reduce swelling of joint injuries and soft tissues. The spray supports recovery process for added comfort.


In addition to reducing muscular tension, Instant Ice Cool Spray contributes to muscles recovery after physical exercises.


  • Fast relief from pain
  • Reduces swelling of soft tissues & joint injuries
  • Supports recovery process
  • Refreshing spray
  • Natural ingredients: eucalyptus & menthol
  • Penetrates into skin for quick relief
  • Refrigeration is not recommended
  • 200ml

Instant Ice Cool Spray is a matchless option for rapid treatment of cramps, muscle aches, overstrained muscles, bruises, sprains, osteoarthritis, rheumatic pains, sport injuries, headaches, colds, migraines, and swellings. 

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Instant Cool Spray Aero MSDS
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