First Aid Distributions offers a wide range of hot & cold therapy supplies, which are essential for athletes and other sports enthusiasts. Temperature therapy helps in recovering from sport-related injuries, helps in on the ground first aid and in preparing for a sporting event.

Hot & Cold Therapy

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How heat therapy works

Blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients to the muscles in your body and helps them function. More than this, it also aids in eliminating waste, especially the one that develops in the areas of your body, which are much needed when working out. When applying heat to a specific area, the blood flow to that area will increase and will help in reducing the pain and tension in your muscles. Hot Therapy is used to relax sore muscles and increase movement.

How Cold Therapy works

Cold Therapy is the opposite of heat therapy as it slows down blood flow instead of speeding it up. By slowing down blood flow, injuries like cramps and inflammation can be prevented. This also helps reduce swelling and numbs the pain in the area affected. Cold Therapy is usually used right after an injury.

Elite athletes alternate in using both hot and cold Therapy as studies show that it can help reduce muscle pain.

Hot & Cold Therapy supplies

Whether you want to get ready for a big game or want to treat injuries that have occurred, we have a vast inventory of temperature treatment supplies fit for every need. From cooling bandages to deep heat patches and ice-cool sprays, you’ll find everything you need so that your body will be in the best shape possible. Some of our products include The Cool Xchange 2 in 1 Compression Cooling Bandage which provides cold Therapy without needing any refrigeration and helps treat and prevent muscle pain and inflammation and the Deep Heat Patches that will activate within one minute of being placed on the skin and will help relax stiff and sore muscles and joints.


Cold Therapy is not recommended for people with sensory issues as they might not realize if the treatment will cause damage to the tissue.
Heat therapy should not be used on open wounds or if the area is bruised. Before using any of our products, be sure that you’ve read the instructions and if the pain persists, stop using the products and immediately contact a medical specialist to properly asses the damage.

Happy to help you

First Aid Distributions has a knowledgeable and friendly team that is more than happy to assist you with any questions or issues that you might have. If you are not sure about what kind of hot & cold therapy supplies you need, contact our professional team, and we will help you in choosing the best fit for you. We ship all over Australia, so you can be sure you’ll receive the ordered items as soon as possible. Be sure also to check the shipping times as they might differ depending on your location. We have a flat shipping rate of $5.50 for all orders under $300 and everything over will be free of charge, so you can stock up as much as you’d like. Browse our online store for temperature therapy supplies and other items that will help you in reaching your best sports performance.