Resuscitation Disp Face Shield W-Valve

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Aeroshield™ CPR Face Shield w-Valve is uniquely designed single-use face-protection barrier. It features one-way plastic valve for added patient comfort. Unlike traditional resurgence face-shields, it does not increase resistance to helpful airflow.


With one-way plastic valve, Aeroshield™ CPR Face Shield is the best decision for First Aid Kits.


  • Latex-free
  • Face-shield protective barrier
  • One-way plastic valve
  • Ideal for added patient comfort
  • Does not restrict airflow
  • A must-have First Aid kit essential
  • Bite block prevents injury
  • Waterproof clear packaging
  • GST Free

Aeroshield™ CPR Face Shield w-Valve is designed to fit into pockets, First Aid kit, wallets and small handbags. 

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