First Aid Distributions offers a vast inventory of medical instruments that can be used in different settings from general hospitals to casualty rooms and operating theaters. Having a medical facility fitted with high-quality devices is essential for providing excellent patient care.

All of the equipment available in our store is OHS compliant, so you can be sure that everything you order will be at the highest standard possible and following the industry’s laws.


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High quality instruments

Our selection has everything your medical facility needs, including Lister scissors, medicine cups, tongue depressors, medical examination tables, and Diphoterine solutions for chemical spills, among many others. Depending on the department you’d like to stock up with medical instruments, you can find a wide range of products in our store.

Browse through an assortment of both disposable and reusable instruments as well as sterile and non-sterile equipment. Instruments like scissors, tweezers, and shears, are made from stainless steel, so you can be sure that their durability is guaranteed. During hospital settings, the equipment has to be reliable, especially when performing critical procedures, that’s why we need to deliver medical instruments built to last.

Fit for every need

Besides onsite use, the instruments in our catalog can also be used in other settings, like in portable or fixed first aid kits. For example, splinter probes amputated parts bags, and Diphoterine solutions are essential for some first aid kits depending on the workplace risk. Diphotherine solutions can quickly rinse chemical substances from your face, skin, and eyes in case of an accident. Splinter probes are designed to remove foreign objects from your skin, including glass or splinters, through a painless, clean, and safe process. Due to their small size, they can be easily carried around in a first aid kit or stored in a fixed station.

Equipment like medical examination tables or mobile privacy screens will help treat patients in a safe and private environment. Because they are easy to clean, your staff will save precious time and rapidly prepare the area for another patient.

At your disposal

If you need any help with choosing the best products for your facility or have any questions regarding the medical instruments in our inventory, our professional and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to assist you. First Aid Distributions ships all over Australia, so no matter where you are located, you can be sure you’ll receive the products that you need. Be sure to check our page for shipping times, as they might change depending on your location. Shipping starts from a $5.50 flat rate for orders under $300, and it’s free for anything over.

From hospital settings to first aid kits for your workplace, First Aid Distributions has a broad selection of medical instruments that can be used for various interventions or treatments. Be sure that you are stocked up for any emergency that might arise and that the medical facility that you manage has all the equipment needed to treat patients effectively.