Ensure Safety and Professionalism With First Aid Kits for Small Businesses

 Your small business needs first aid kit supplies for the safety of your employees? Do not worry. At First Aid Distributions, we provide a wide range of first aid kits for small businesses, and first aid box refills catered to your budget and, even more importantly, your first aid requirements.
No matter if it is a small business or another kind of workplace, purchasing first aid kits and keeping track of their stock are essential, as accidents can occur anywhere and in different kinds of situations. At First Aid Distributions, we have for sale a comprehensive range of first aid kits for small businesses and not only.
When you lack familiarity with emergency kits equipment and supplies, it can be a challenge to choose the right first aid kit for a small business. What should it contain? Will it have plenty of recommended first aid kit supplies? The problem is that your first aid box should cover all types of emergencies that may happen at your small business, and considering its features, it should be an appropriate purchase.

First Aid Kits for Small Business

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First Aid Kits for Small Businesses

 We sell a range of portable and wall-mounted first aid kits that comply with the Workplace Code of Practice for first aid in Australia, being stocked with antiseptic, gauze, bandages, dressings, plasters, and anything else that is needed in possible first aid interventions at your company. All of our first aid kits contain contents, but you may contact us if in need of extra information and help in selecting your items, styles, or sizes.
Is your small business fully compliant with safety standards and prepared for emergency situations? Buy online first aid supplies from First Aid Distributions and browse below our range of first aid kits for sale.

What To Consider When Selecting the Complete First Aid Kit

 There are potential risks no matter the industry your small business is in, but different types of work activities come with different hazards. While measures should be taken to prevent accidents, health emergencies or, at the very least, minor injuries may still occur, hence the need to have on hand adequately stocked first aid kits, which is where you can rely on our help.
It is compulsory, according to Australian law, for each employer to provide a safe working environment, with facilities including a first aid kit that contains adequate first aid kit supplies. Each company needs to comply, including yours, especially if your small business is classified as 'high risk' or 'medium risk' upon assessing potential hazards. Do not forget to also take into account purchasing a portable first aid kit, if your work activity also involves work vehicles.

Choosing a First Aid Kit for Small Businesses – The Basics

No matter the purpose of your first aid kit, there are, generally speaking, certain things to look for:

  • Instantly recognizable – Your first aid box should be distinguished by a white cross on a green background;

  • Proper casing – The outer casing of the first aid kit should protect the inside objects from damage and dust;

  • Complying with regulations – You should find listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods all the first aid kit supplies and other products you are buying so that they meet proper standards in therapeutic use.

Do not hesitate to ask our sales team if you still need guidance on what and how much you must purchase for the first aid requirements your small business has to meet.
We have a range of first aid kits and first aid kit supplies which you can browse and buy online, as First Aid Distributions is here to offer you top quality products, suitable pricing, as well as lightning fast FREE delivery Australia wide, in case you spend over $300.