Secure Education With Quality First Aid Kits For Schools

 Safety is paramount in education, and schools are responsible for providing proper first aid equipment and facilities. At First Aid Distributions, we sell an extensive range of first aid kits for schools and essential supplies for school approved activities where pupils may be prone to accidents.

 Purchasing first aid kits is compulsory for schools, as part and parcel of their policy to address the safety of the pupils. At First Aid Distributions, our stock contains the right emergency kits for school, bundles which include everything needed to treat injured children or teaching staff. Incidents may happen in a variety of educational contexts, so it is crucial to be prepared for any first aid situation.

 Each school has different policies, and there is a variable range of possible incidents where a first aid kit is needed. First aid kits should contain supplies which cover all types of emergencies that may be frequently encountered in school, camps, excursions. Any emergency kit for school and suitable facilities need to be compliant with the policy, and that is where we meet your needs with our top quality first aid kits for school and our customer service. If you need any further information, please contact us, as we have the utmost respect for the safety of your pupils.

First Aid Kits For Schools

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First Aid Kits for Schools

 Our range of first aid kits serve school grounds, high-risk areas, sports fields, and playground, as well as being portable for the purpose of offsite activities. They're well stocked with bandages, dressings, pads, hypoallergenic tapes, and anything else aiders need according to national guidelines on first aid for sickness and accidents in schools. Each of our first aid kits includes a first aid kit contents list, but for any further information, you may contact our customer service. First Aid Distributions ensures schools are safe and pupils protected, as you may purchase from us a variety of emergency kits for schools and additional equipment for any potential accident.

 Make sure your school is fully compliant and prepared for emergency situations – buy online first aid supplies from First Aid Distributions. Browse our range of emergency kits for schools below.

Things To Consider When Acquiring First Aid Kits For Schools

 Each school possesses different first aid requirements, depending, for instance, on the age range of pupils or if there are particular health needs and disabilities to take into account. Specific school or off-school activities, presenting a lower or medium risk, require assessments of potential hazards, which may be gauged by accident statistics in some cases. However, in spite of proper procedures, accidents may sometimes happen, and having an adequately supplied emergency kit for school within reach of qualified first aiders is essential for the health of your pupils.

 It's best to assess first aid risks and ensure the right first aid kit provisions for lunchtime and breaks, as well as for excursions, but especially within the contexts of science classes, physical and sports education, etc. Once this evaluation has been done, first aid kits and equipment may be chosen according to the low or medium risk of the places which require such facilities. Our first aid kits for schools which are available for purchase include packages that are suitable for activities on and off the premises.
Do not forget that staff needs to have easy access to first aid equipment and facilities, and that trained first aiders are available in case of accidents. If you need more information on our emergency kits for schools and first aid provisions, our qualified staff is always eager to assist.

Choosing a First Aid Kit for School – the Basics

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a first aid kit for school:

  • Recognisable – Your first aid kit container must be marked with a white cross on a green background;

  • Quality casing – The outer casing of the first aid kit box should protect the contents within from damage and keep them dust-free;

  • Regulatory approval – first aid kit supplies and refills should be all listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, so that the products you're purchasing meet top therapeutic standards.

If not sure how many first aid kits your school requires, our sales team is here to offer advice and guidance according to the health guidelines you must respect.
First aid providers can browse and purchase a wide range of emergency kits and supplies from us, as First Aid Distributions offers state of the art quality products at reasonable prices, in addition to super fast FREE delivery across Australia for purchases over $300.