Eye Wash Irrigation Pack Saline

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Eye Wash Irrigation Pack Saline is formulated to provide irrigation solution and hygienic eyewash. It contains sodium chloride that softly cleanses and refreshes eyes to relieve irritation, discomfort and stinging.


In addition to removing air pollutants, Eye Wash Irrigation Pack Saline removes loose foreign debris, dust and chlorinated water.


  • 0.9% Sodium Chloride
  • Sterile solution
  • Hygienic eyewash
  • Irrigation solution
  • Gently cleanses
  • Soothes red/irritated eyes
  • Refreshes eyes
  • Relieves irritation, discomfort & stinging
  • Removes air pollutants
  • For single-use only
  • Ready for emergency first aid treatment
  • 250ml & 500ml Size Options

Eye Wash Irrigation Pack Saline is a gentle sterile solution. It can be used regularly without leaving side effects. 

250ml code: 124077

500ml code: 124078

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