HeartStart FR3 Smart Pads III

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HeartStart FR3 Smart Pads have been streamlined for quick deployment. The time-consuming process of removing the pads’ wrapping during the early moments of the rescue has been done away with, thanks to HeartStrart FR3 smart pads III. Additionally, they are ideal for both children (with optional child/infant key) and adults; therefore, there is no time wasted trying to change the pads sets. Offsets tabs allow a peel-and-place procedure, which is easier and faster to use.

When used with a HeartStart FR3 carrying case fitted with a pads sentry, these pads can be pre-connected and tested during the defibrillator’s routine self-tests. Remarkably, they come with pad placement instructions for novices, which make the defibrillators easier to use by individuals who are not well versed with medical training.

Product features and benefits

  • Designed for use with HeartStart FR3 defibrillator
  • Non-time consuming  peel-and-place pads for quick deployment
  • Pads can be pre-connected to HeartStart FR3 AED to allow testing during the FR3’s regular self-test
  • Ideal for use on adult and kids( when used with the infant/child key)




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