Powerheart G5 Battery

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Like any machine, AEDs require to be maintained. Essential components like batteries are often replaced gratuitously to ensure reliable performance. In addition, defibrillators are high-risk equipment that needs to be functioning at all times, hence the need to have the battery replaced after a certain period.

With the ability to power a considerable number of shocks, Powerheart G5 battery is designed for use with Powerheart G5 AED defibrillators. This reliable, medical grade battery has been thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality whenever it is installed in the defibrillator. Additionally, the Powerheart G5 battery is built to provide a four-year operational lifespan and a reserve of nine more shocks after the AED gives a low battery sign. 

Product features and benefits

  • Can deliver a considerable number of shocks
  • 4-year operational lifespan
  • Holds a reserve of nine shocks
  • Perfect to have it on standby when the AED indicates low battery


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