Powerheart G5 Automatic Defibrillator with CPRD

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is unpredictable; it can take place anywhere, anytime, at any age and without any notice.  Time is of the essence in SCA situations and finding an AED near you is the only effective intervention. An AED that can be used by both novices and trained medical personnel would be the most ideal. 

Powerheart G5 automatic defibrillator is a reliable AED that can be used even by first-time rescuers to carry out a resuscitation process, without any difficulties. The AED is able to assess the patient’s condition and with this info, it chooses the level of energy that will be needed to shock the patient back to a normal state. Most importantly, the easy to follow text and voice prompts ensure perfect compression rate and depth when carrying out CPR. 

Product features and benefits

  • Clear instructions for novices and first-time users, giving the confidence to perform flawlessly at each step of the rescue
  • Fast shock times normally within 10 seconds post CPR
  • Rescue ready technology and daily self-testing ensure the Defibrillator are always ready to use.
  • Customises energy level required depending on examination of each patient.



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