Powerheart G3 Pro Defibrillator

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Unlike the Powerheart G3 Automatic Defibrillator, Powerheart G3 pro defibrillator is designed for medically trained rescuers. It is a semi-automatic defibrillator featuring a manual overdrive which is able automatically to examine the heart rhythms and discern when to deliver a shock.

Designed with advanced capabilities, Powerheart G3 pro defibrillator has a text screen which displays useful information, as well as audible voice prompts, to direct the rescuer throughout the entire process. In addition, the color 3-lead ECG monitoring feature is handy in displaying the Victim’s heart rate, the number of shocks delivered, waveform, and the elapsed rescue minutes – all significant lifesaving info, which medical practitioners need to be aware of.

Since human bodies differ especially when faced with cardiac arrest conditions, the Escalating STAR biphasic technology fitted in Powerheart G3 pro defibrillator is able to modify unique defibrillation therapy for each patient. To improve its functionality, every day the AED carries self-checks on all major components (hardware, software, battery, and pads).

Product features and benefits

  • Designed for medical professionals
  • Semi-automatic with manual override
  • 3-lead ECG monitoring for complete command
  • Clear color screen showing critical patient information
  • Rescue ready defibrillation technology
  • A 7-year warranty on the AED




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