G5 Defibrillation Adult Pads CPR Device

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Electrode pads are crucial in ensuring a defibrillator can successfully give a life-saving shock to a patient. The G5 Defibrillation adult pads are fit for use on adults and children who have attained an age of 8 years and above.  These special pads can be used even by inexperienced users since they have an integrated CPR device, meant to provide real-time feedback and guidance to the rescuer whilst performing patient CPR.

Additionally, the G5 Defibrillation adult pads feature a non-polarized design; meaning, they can be effectively used in either location (lower-left or upper-right) of the patient’s chest. This is very important as it saves time and calms the person carrying out the rescue in case there is an emergency. 

Product features and benefits

  • Real-time assistance helps rescuers through the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) sequence
  • Pre-connected to save time in the event of an emergency
  • Provides immediate feedback whilst performing a CPR treatment
  • Non-polarized pads - can be placed in either location of the patient’s chest
  • Comes as a pair with integrated CPR device
  • Clear graphical guides
  • Easy to use


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