LED Magnifying Lamp with Table Clamp

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LED Magnifying Lamp with Table Clamp

An LED magnifying lamp is essential when diagnosing and treating injuries or for medical procedures involving a close-up examination. It features a glass lens on an extending arm with a metal grab lever next to the lens to facilitate easy positioning, over the patient at virtually any angle. 

This magnifying lamp is made from tough metal with pro joints for additional flexibility and easy-clean gloss white appearance for years of dependable use. The clamp style is very adaptable for most users. It can be attached to work tables, desks, benches, or any workstation that has been set.


  • Low heat output to guarantee patient comfort
  • Supplied with magnifying lenses to cater for a variety of procedures
  • High quality and robust metal arm system that offers extra flexibility and durability
  • Have an easy-change lens system
  • Adjustable angle clamp to allow rotation 
  • Extended length 115cm
  • 12cm diameter
  • Lens 6 dioptre magnification (2.5x)
  • 10 watt LED lights (6000K)
  • Size: 120cm
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