Where to Start When It Comes to First Aid Supplies

No one enjoys household injuries. Whether small cuts and little bruises, minor burns, or more serious injuries, having the right first aid supplies is essential. If you have not already started to create a first aid kit for your home, it is important to understand where you should start.

Fabric dressing strips as well as dressing for larger wounds are an essential part of a first aid kit. You should also make sure you have antiseptics to clean wounds. Alcohol, antiseptic sprays, and antiseptic creams can prevent infection. Gauze swabs or cotton balls are great for spreading antiseptic on the wound. If you have larger wounds, you will probably need medical tape to make sure the dressing stays in place. Butterfly skin closures are a great way to reduce the appearance of scars from more serious cuts.

You will also need burn treatment supplies in your first aid kit. Burn gel as well as dressing to cool down the burn can help to relieve the pain as well as aid in the healing time. Burns can be common household injuries, so when creating a home first aid kit, make sure you can properly treat any burns.

Hot and cold packs are another great item to put in your first aid kit. Twisted ankles, bruised arms, and other injuries often feel better after hot or cold treatment. Properly heating or icing the injury can also reduce swelling and help you to heal faster.

Of course, you do not want to forget to put bandages in your kit. Whether using it as a tourniquet to prevent more bleeding, using it as sling, wrapping an injured ankle, or using it for something else, bandages are a valuable part of your first aid kit.

Blister patches are another wonderful addition to your first aid kit, particularly if you hike often or do other activities which may result in you getting blisters. If you have breathing problems, asthma supplies are another element you may want in your first aid kit. For those who burn easily, sunscreen can be another great investment. Much of what you put in your first aid kit depends upon your personal situation.

If you would like to purchase first aid supplies, contact us. You can get the supplies in kits as well as buy an assortment of products individually to meet your family’s needs.