Tips for Replacing Expired First Aid Supplies

If you are like many of us, restocking and replacing expired first aid supplies is a task that is shockingly easy to forget. Yet, making sure your first aid kit at home, at work, or in the car is well stocked is important for making certain that you have the supplies you need should an emergency situation arise. After all, there is very little that is more frustrating than going to your first aid kit to treat an abrasion, cut, splinter, or an insect bite, only to realize that you are missing the required cleansers, bandages, or that the ointment needed has long since expired.

Restocking first aid supplies that you have used is of course, fairly self explanatory--as you cannot use what you no longer have. However, when it comes to ointments, creams, cleansers, or eye wash solutions in your first aid kit, it is important to look out not only for expiration dates, but the usability of these items. Many of these items can become dry, or evaporate entirely given time, making their effectiveness, or even usability null. Items such as ice packs can also become inert and unable to be used if not replaced past their effectiveness date. As those of us who have been in this situation know, items that no longer work, are as effective to the person in need as not having the items at all.

When it comes to remembering to keep your first aid kit well stocked and ready for emergencies, a simple way to keep from forgetting is to mark it on your calendar, or to program an update on your phone, or other date keeping device reminding you to check, and reorder anything you need from bandages to thermal blankets. Another good idea is to simply make restocking your first aid kit a bi-yearly occurrence that ties into another event you are unlikely to forget. If your area observes daylight savings time, then checking your first aid kit along with setting your clocks forward, or back can become a habit that keeps your first aid kit well maintained. Winter and Summer Solstice, or holidays that are at least 5 months apart are also good times to mentally associate with checking the first aid kit and ordering any necessary supplies.

Whatever trick you use to remember to assess your first aid kit at home, work, or in the car, you can find all the supplies you need with First Aid Distributions. From already assembled kits to individual supplies, we carry all the elements for a well stocked first aid kit. Contact us today to learn how affordable and easy keeping you, your family and your coworker's safety a priority can be.