Thumb Strapping Guide Poster

Thumb Strapping Guide Poster
After a nice Christmas & New Year Break, we are now back at it, its time for the first post of 2019. The Thumb Strapping Guide is now ready for download with many more educational posts planned for 2019. 
Feel free to send through an email with suggestions on the type of material you would like to see. 
Step 1 - Using 25mm stretch EAB tape, apply tape in a loop around the wrist going clockwise on the left wrist and anti-clockwise on the right wrist.
Step 2 - Apply a figure-8 around the proximal joint (knuckle) of the thumb. Be careful not to apply too tight as to cut off circulation and sensation. After the figure-8, perform another loop around the wrist.
Step 3 - Repeat step 2 up to 3 times until desired stability is reached.
Step 4 - Apply 25mm rigid tape around wrist to lock off.
Click here to download the Thumb Strapping Guide Poster
Tapes Used: