We have some very exciting news!!

For the past six months we have been working hard on a new project. It is finally ready; we are proud to announce that our new purpose built first aid kit management system is now complete. We've called it KitCheck; it's a purpose built web-based platform that takes the hassle out of managing first aid kits.

So What is KitCheck?

KitCheck is the way forward when it comes to keeping your first aid kits fully stocked and compliant with health and safety. This beautifully user-friendly, cloud-based software has been designed especially for first aid kit maintenance and can be accessed easily from anywhere. Set up your first aid kits, run audits and reports, order replacement stock... it’s all at the touch of a button.

KitCheck is about those tasks you’ve always wished took a lot less time.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of the people passing through your premises, and your work in keeping the first aid kits fully stocked is a crucial part of that. But still, even with the smoothest systems in place, maintaining first aid kits in line with all compliance regulations could be a long, laborious process. Not anymore.

Check out and give it go and we guarantee you won't regret it!

Click Here to Download the KitCheck Information Pack which contains a PDF guide.