Ankle Strapping Guide

Ankle Strapping Guide

Its been a while since our last blog post, the success of our new product ranges has kept us very busy. Our customers have been calling out for information guides around first aid & strapping, we are now in the position to start producing these guides. As such we have started working closely with an experienced Physiotherapist & football strapper to prepare instructional manuals on how to strap.

We have started planning the how-to videos which will be released early next year, so stay tuned for our upcoming video guides.

Let us get the ball rolling, and how about we start with Ankle Taping, Click here to download our A4 Poster

Ankle Taping

Step 1- Anchor- With the ankle at 90 degrees, apply 38mm rigid tape anchors around the ankle, approximately 15-20mm above the malleoli (bony surfaces on outside of the ankles).

Step 2- Stirrups- Apply 2-3 stirrups, beginning at the medial side of the ankle and running under the foot to the anchor on the lateral side of the ankle.

Step 3- Figure 6’s- Apply 2-3 figure 6’s. Begin at the medial ankle and running under the foot before crossing the front of the ankle to finish semi-overlapping from the centre of the ankle to the medial side of the ankle

Step 4- Heel Locks are then applied by beginning at the medial anchor and running the tape across the front of the ankle, wraps around behind the heel before running under the heel and returning across the front of the ankle to the medial anchor. This can be repeated once in each direction.

Tapes Used:

Premium Rigid Strapping Tape